Just Great Beer, At Batch Brewing Co


_Q5A0668Tucked away among the factories of this industrial corner of Marrickville is local craft brewery, Batch Brewing Company.

Here, owners Chris and Andrew, make handcrafted beer, batch by batch, with a regularly changing range, that generally includes their popular American Pale Ale and Mosaic IPA.


Housed in a former panel-beater’s workshop, the fit out is basic, but functional, with tables and stools dotting the area around the bar and the front of the brewery overlooking the street. Grab yourself a jar of beer ($5), a tasting tray (so you can drink a little of everything that Batch has been brewing of late) or grab a 640ml bomber or 1.89 litre growler to go.

If you get hungry, grab some munchies from the food truck (there’s usually one parked up front) or some of the meaty snacks from the bar. Plus they shut shop at 8pm, before it gets dark and you get too drunk. Win, win.






The hack? Great beer – that you can also buy and take home.

Batch Brewery Co

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