A Slice of Inner City Grunge, At Frankie’s Pizza

Frankie’s is the kind of place you’ll find yourself lining up outside at midnight, after being somewhere else and you’re not ready for the night to end.

Frankies 2Frankies 3

That said, it’s still plenty of fun and a little more relaxed, a little earlier on off peak nights like Sunday and Thursday, when bands occasionally play.

It’s cheesy and a little contrived and that’s what makes it so great. Up front is an Italian pizza bar, decked out old style with faux vines and garlic hanging from the roof, black and white chequerboard floors, with candle-lit tables and booths dressed in white and red plaid tablecloths. Grab some surprisingly tasty pizza and beer and settle in for the night.

Or head out back if you fancy getting a little rough and loose. It’s like a big American-inspired dive bar, dimly-lit, plastered with posters and neon signs with a stage and little dance floor and a clientele high on beards, tattoos, and rock ‘n’ roll vibes. Grab a beer or whiskey and get amongst it.

Frankies 6 Frankies 2 (1) Frankies 1 (1) Frankies 3 (1)  Frankies 4

Even Sydney’s lock-in laws haven’t killed the fun at Frankie’s. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself leaving at 3am, when they switch the lights on and boot everybody out.

The hack? Late-night fun with a side of pizza and beer.

Frankie’s, 50 Hunter Street, Sydney

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