Cuban At The Wharf With Papi Chulo

It’s still a little unclear as to what exactly Papi Chulo translates to in English but it seems to sit between ‘pretty boy’ and ‘pimp’. Both of which are fitting to this cool Cuban eatery primely located waterside on Manly Wharf.

We enjoyed a table by the window and recommend you try do the same.

Papi Chulo 28

Papi Chulo 29 Papi Chulo 23 Papi Chulo 5

With a menu that melds South American, Canadian and Asian influences, the food is fun, filling and tasty.  Protein dominates the menu here – particularly that of the smoked, slow-cooked (we’re talking real slow, like six hours plus) variety. So if seafood and meat are your thing you’ll enjoy eating here.

Drinkers are also well catered for with a comprehensive wine list, cocktails that give a modern twist to classics and beer from both near and far. The big, brass top bar is pretty cool too.

Papi Chulo 7 Papi Chulo 19Papi Chulo 18

This is the kind of place you could easily find yourself early one sunny afternoon and happily leave late; a little drunk, well fed and content.

The hack? Good food, drinks and views. You just need to bring the good company.

Papi Chulo, 22-23 Manly Wharf, Manly

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