World’s Best Bottle Shop In Sydney: Petersham Liquor Mart

PLM 1.jpg

While it looks like any other bottle shop from the front,  you’ll realise what makes Petersham Liquor Mart special as soon as you walk in. Alongside all your other pre-requisite drinks, the walls are lined floor to ceiling with specialty and hard to find liquors, spirits, wine and beers from around the world (in particular Europe).

PLM 7.jpg

Never been able to find that one special alcohol they use to make your favourite cocktail at your local? Or that French wine you loved during your trip last year? There’s a pretty good chance you’ll find it sitting on the shelves of this brilliant family-run bottle shop.

We totally rate the service too, the helpful cashier (and, we think, owner) suggested a high-end spirit that she swore would kill any cold in its tracks. A great local bottle shop if you’re lucky enough to be a Petersham resident.

PLM 6.jpgPLM 8.jpg

PLM 10.jpg

The hack? If Petersham isn’t local to you,  no problem, just pay their online store a visit.

41/43 New Canterbury Rd, Petersham


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